We Offer Four Primary Services
All of our services have one core element in common, and that is to help you to achieve an uncommon amount of recognition through eye-opening graphic design and brand identity.

1. Brand Identity Development

Brand Identity is all about standing out in a crowded marketplace and maintaining consistency across every aspect of your marketing materials, otherwise your company can be overlooked, appear fragmented, and be incognito. Let us help you design a consistent identity, and one that stands out to your target audience.

2. Emotion-Based Logo Design

Emotion-Based Logos tell a story which connect to the hearts of you and your target audience. Your logo is the most seen element of your entire company and organization. Emotions move us, let us help you reach your target audience on a deep, emotional level.

3. Marketing Collateral Design

When Marketing Collateral has been designed right, whether it is a brochure, a flyer, or signage, it instantly engages the reader, guides their eye on an intentional path, and spurs them to take action. Let us show you how we can help you design marketing collateral that generates results.

4. Print Advertising Design

You have less than a few seconds to grab your readers attention with an Ad. An Ad must be designed right and free of clutter in order to generate a significant response. Let us show you how we can help you design an Ad that generates results.
“Cognito designed my logo in a way that visually embodies the seven core values of my company. That is remarkable. Their research, sincerity, and intuition are invaluable assets for producing outstanding, professional design work.”
Jim Spencer

Owner, JBS Partners

“Cognito worked with us on many graphic design related projects. One project that really stands out is a campaign that he helped us to conceptualize and design which was known as the “Push Pins”. The campaign successfully attracted our target audience.”
Betty Manganiello

Marketing Manager, HealthcareSource

“I have worked together with Cognito on several projects. Their enthusiasm, and passion for work is astounding, and their creativity and insight is incredible. They bring tremendous energy to any project. It was a pleasure to work with them.”
Jeremy Shapiro

Owner, Asandia, Corp.


Our mission is helping companies achieve the utmost recognition through eye-opening graphic design and brand identity.

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