When setting up a business, brands splurge on advertisements and marketing, all in the hopes of becoming more visible and attracting more clients. Even if you spend money on website design, Facebook ads, influencer marketing, or creating stellar social media profiles, make sure you do not skip investing in a professionally-designed logo.

You may not realize it, but your logo is a powerful symbol that can persuade your audience to buy your products/services without you saying a single word. Consider the case of McDonald’s. Their logo says it all, and that double-arched golden “M” is enough to entice people to buy a Big Mac.

Let’s take a look at how investing in professional logo design yields a high ROI and aids in achieving all business objectives.

Top 3 reasons your brand needs a logo… Right Now!

Your online and offline presence is incomplete without a high-quality, visually stunning logo. Everything that belongs to your brand should have your logo — from your website to products to social media profiles to flyers.

Here is what a logo can do for your business:

1. It sets you apart from your competitors.

No business is without competition — and your business is no exception. So if you want to stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive edge, you must have a distinctive logo. Your existing customers will be able to easily identify you if you have a unique, eye-catching logo, and prospective customers will be tempted to buy from you. Furthermore, a striking logo will ensure that your customers do not mistake you for another service provider.

2. It makes you instantly recognizable.

If we ask you to think about the company Target, we bet your mind would be inundated with pictures of two red circles — this is the impact of a well-built logo. Your brand is remembered by your logo. Therefore, you need to invest in professional logo design so that you have an excellent symbol that helps your customers identify you. Having a premium logo will allow your customers to instantly correlate it with the services you offer.

3. It appeals to your ideal customers.

Humans are curious about things that pique their interests and leave them wanting more. And if your logo is appealing enough to drive your customers’ interest, they would surely want to know more about the services you offer — and that gives you the chance to leave your customers speechless by your high-quality services, thus, converting them to recurring customers.

Can you design a stunning logo on your own?

Inexperienced business owners are always looking for methods to save a few bucks. As a result, they would rather quickly download some free graphic design programs and put together a lousy logo than hire a professional logo designer. Even when they look for professionals, they settle for amateurs quoting the lowest price. Such professionals are incompetent to create a logo that captures the essence of your company and its services. Thus, such a logo will be incapable of grabbing the audience’s attention.

However, when you hire an experienced agency that offers professional logo design services, you will have a clean and professional-looking logo that connects with your target audience. This is because a professional logo designer will not start creating a logo for your brand right away but will extensively research your company and competitors. They will look for the elements that make you unique and incorporate those into a logo.

Most importantly, an expert logo designer will create a logo that will speak to your customers for years. Since novice designers easily fall for the ongoing trends, they fail to create a lasting logo. But when you invest in premium logo design services, you will get a logo that emotionally touches your customer’s hearts. 

Get an attention-grabbing logo with Cognito

Cognito is a creative design company that offers high-quality logo design services. We have been in the industry for years — our experience allows us to quickly determine the factors that make a brand unique and create a logo based on that. We have been delivering amazing logos to our clients that make them stick out and stomp the competition. To know more about what we can do for your brand, call us at (978) 254-1155 or contact us online today.

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