The purpose of a logo is to visually identify a company. We believe the design of a logo can be taken to another level by having it tell a story that captures the essence and heart of the organization.

As children we were told stories. Stories connect with us on an emotional level, and the details can often be recalled many years or even decades later.

The same thing can be done with a logo. A story can be told by using or combining elements in which associations can be made. We call this the “storyscape” which reveals the elements that are contained with the design.

A good example of a storyscape is the VET logo.

The VET, a non-profit whose purpose is to help relieve suffering and promote wellness for veterans suffering from PTSD, needed a logo that would embody empathy and compassion, and the client turned to Cognito.

After several rounds of concepts, our solution was a blend of four key elements that capture the company’s essence and mission: a heart, a Band-Aid, an American flag, and a blue tear drop.

Storyscape reveal

Once the story is revealed, it takes the design of the logo to another level, gives it more meaning, and connects to the audience on an emotional level so it can be remembered.

What is the story behind your logo?

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