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Fantastic! You are awake in the marketplace. Chances are you have compelling eye-opening, visual communications.

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How well do you measure up?

The cognometer is meant to gauge your company's level of recognition in the crowded marketplace. Are you concealed among your target audience? Take the test and find out.

  1. Are you embarrassed by your organization's logo?

  2. Is your Web site outdated?

  3. Do your marketing materials lack a polished,
    professional look?

  4. Do each of your marketing materials all look
    like a different company?

  5. Do your marketing materials reflect your company's personality?

  6. Do you feel confident when handing your marketing collateral to others?

  7. Are you sending out direct mail with little or no response?

  8. Are you spending large sums of money on advertising with little or no results?

  9. Do you focus on "cheap" service providers as opposed to results-oriented service providers?

  10. Was the last graphic designer that you hired
    your brother-in-law?

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