Cloris Leachman, an Oscar winner and eight-time Emmy winner, and her business partner, Veronique, were looking for a graphic designer to produce direct mail promoting their exciting new clothing line, the ClorisLine. (A pun, of course, on the actress’ stellar performance in “A Chorus Line.”)

Veronique asked a local printer to recommend a seasoned graphic designer who understood color, space, and design – qualities reflected in the ClorisLine.

As it happened, the printer had just finished printing a colorful, well-designed brochure for their client, Parrot Digigraphics. He mentioned that he loved the vibrant colors, use of space, and overall creativity. So did Cloris and Veronique, so they hired the design firm – ours – to create a minimalistic direct-mail postcard, which more than met with their approval.

Check out the Parrot Digigraphics design that first enchanted Cloris and Veronique – and led them to hire Cognito.

Front of Cloris postcard

Back of Cloris postcard

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