Remember that one friend whose distinct voice stood out the most to you? Or how about the tallest girl in your high school, who you could easily spot among a slew of other students? Or how about that employee in your office who always compliments everyone? 

Despite their distinct personalities, all of these people have one thing in common — they have a unique quality that defines them, distinguishes them from others, and makes them instantly identifiable. These people would not stand out if not for their defining attributes.

The same is true for your brand: if it lacks a unique, extraordinary quality, it will be easily masked by 100 different companies in your target market that offer the same products and services as you. Therefore, you need a compelling brand identity — a unique set of qualities that sets you apart from your competition. Your company’s brand identity will ensure that it does not appear fragmented and incognito.

What is brand identity, after all?

Before we go into the specifics of what brand identity is, let us first define what it is not: your brand identity is not your logo. Today, the terms “branding” and “brand” are used pretty loosely, and people often use them in correlation to a brand’s logo. However, your brand identity is much more than a design that you slap on all your products and websites. 

A logo is a crucial part of brand identity, and logo design is a significant part of branding — do not get us wrong. However, a logo is not a brand identity but just an element of the same.

So, what is a brand identity then? 

Brand identity is a set of tangible elements created to portray your company’s positive image to your customers. It appeals to your target audience’s senses — it is what your customers see, touch, hold, and hear. These tangible elements include a well-designed logo, color palette (primary and secondary colors), fonts, and images. When all of it comes together, it determines how your audience perceives your brand.

To have a coherent and consistent brand identity, companies go through logo design, choose the color that best suits their company, decide the fonts they would use to write content, etc.

“But why bother creating a firm brand identity?”

Perhaps the most important reason companies spend a small fortune on branding and creating a brand identity is that it ensures the brand is on top of the minds of all customers. A robust brand identity ensures that whenever a prospective customer sees your signage, they immediately recognize your brand. 

On top of that, brand identity allows you to achieve visual consistency so that your customers are not bewildered when they switch from your, say, social profile to the website. A consistent brand identity ensures your entire digital presence — from your landing pages to the website to social media accounts — has a specific color, design, and font. This will ensure you do not have a “fragmented” appearance in the industry.

Secondly, a brand identity helps you convey what you do for your customers. For instance, if a company offers vegan products, it will likely have green as its primary brand color. Incorporating your brand’s message, values, and mission into your brand identity is crucial to ensure you choose the right design and colors.

Furthermore, a strong brand identity will help you attract your audience. As your brand identity will position you as an industry expert, more customers will readily pay for the services you provide — they will understand you can help them achieve their business goals with your expertise and knowledge. With your customer pipeline full, you will generate more sales, thus, a higher revenue.

Are you looking for professional brand identity development services?

If you are, Cognito has you covered. With a proficient team with years of experience in developing a solid brand identity, we can create a brand identity that will give you an edge over your competitors. We also offer logo design, advertisement design, and marketing collateral design services. To know more about what we can do for your brand, call us at (978) 254-1155 or contact us online today.

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